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Pine Featherville Trails ATV Motorcycle Snowmobile Hiking Biking Paths

Pine & Featherville Trail System

Trails, Trails, and More Trails

Surround yourself in 380 miles of Off Highway Vehicle trails, snowmobile access, hiking or mountain biking paths in the Featherville- Pine trail system.

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The Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route (IDBDR) runs right through Pine ID. Many dual-sport and off-road motorcyclists stay at Hayhurst Bed Breakfast.

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Off Road Trails: ATVing, Dirt Bikes & Jeeps

For enthusiasts who love off-roading in the jeep, bike or ATV, you can explore 4 different mountain ranges. This is where the Boise River begins!

  • Boise Mountains
  • Sawtooth Range
  • Smoky Mtns.
  • Soldier Mtns.

Wilson Flat Trails

Come explore Wilson Flat, a large plateau with stunning views of the South Fork of the Boise River. Begin your adventure at the trailhead just past the Anderson Ranch Dam. You'll pass several creek drainages and reach a high saddle with breathtaking views of the mountains and canyon.

Under 50" vehicles allowed on this 15 mile system containing 3 loops and a 1.5 mile tail to Granite Mountain.

Grouse Creek to Iron Mountain

Starting at Paradise Hot Springs, wind your way up to Grouse Butte using trails and the Forest Service road. Continue west to Iron mountain and down Kelly Creek on the loop back. Expect steep mountain side ATV trails, including rocky hills and easy paths through the woods.

Under 50" vehicles allowed on this 49 mile trek. But you can shorten your trip by taking any of the northern trails to the Virginia Trailhead or Pine Gulch at Featherville.

El Oro Mine and Goat Lake

Start at Abott campground east of Featherville and follow Baumgartner Rd as it easily curves and gently climbs the canyon of the Boise River. Drive around Fleck Summit and follow the namesake road north to the Bear Creek Trailhead.

Along the way you will pass many trailheads for motorcycle or non-motorized only. Nearly all these paths will take you north to Bear Creek jeep trail.

You will pass El Oro mine south of the creek, it was the largest gold mine in the area. The road to the lake is rocky and steep. You can choose to walk the last 1.5 mile and then explore Goat Lake or Tip Top Mine as you enjoy the stunning views.

Jeep and 4 Wheelers approved on this 68 mile up and back adventure. Please note, the first 32 miles is on easy driving roads.

Trail riders on bikes will be able to penetrate deeper into the woods and loop out through Willow Creek if they choose. 

Trinity Mountain Ridge Loop

Directly out the doorstep of the Hayhurst B&B head south and follow the namesake road leading to the top of Trinity Mtn for a stunning view.

Drop down the ridge and park at Big Trinity Lake, then explore along the base of the mountain to discover 7 alpine lakesโ€“ the furthest about a 6 mile trek in. 

The trails are suitable for both ATV riders and dirt bikers, with a mix of challenging terrain and beautiful views. The road take riders through new growth forests, rocky terrain, and across streams and creeks.

Jeep and 4 Wheelers approved on this 57 mile loop.

๐Ÿ” Plan ahead and have lunch or dinner in town, as the trail loop will pass through Featherville and Pine, ID.

ATV trails near Featherville Idaho

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Snowmobile Trails

Featherville, Idaho is a winter wonderland that offers a variety of outdoor activities, one of which is snowmobiling. With its vast and beautiful snow-covered landscape, it's a popular destination for snowmobilers looking for trails you will never double-back on.

Experience 380 miles of groomed trails, well-marked fun in the fabulous Trinity Mountains. Ask us about:

  • Wagon Town loop
  • Pfifer Creek trail
  • James Creek trail
  • Burnt Creek trail

And when you stay at Hayhurst B&B, you can snowmobile right out your bedroom door.

Snowmobile trails Trinity Mtns near Pine Idaho

Mountain Biking Paths

Cycling in Pine, Idaho is an unforgettable experience for mountain biking trails of all skill levels. With its challenging terrain, breathtaking scenery, and wildlife, Pine is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors on two wheels.

Between Sprout Mountain and Soldier Mountain you will find many challenging incline paths for mountain bikers. Start at Bremner or the Hunter Creek Trailheads.

For a lesser challenge, try two different 5 or 8 mile loops through the high desert between Hawk Gulch and Salix Creek. Elevation changes are about 400 feet depending on path choice.

You can also access these rolling hills from Chimney Creek Rd. The jeep trails are ideal to explore in September- October or a summer morning.

๐Ÿšตโ€โ™€๏ธ  Please Note: all of the non-motorized vehicle trails below, in the hiking trails section, are also open to mtn bikers.

Mountain biking Fall Creek Anderson Ranch

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Hiking Trails

The headwaters of the Boise River are the gateway into the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. This wilderness is protected and allows non-motorized hikers and cyclists. 

Backpacking is the prefferred exploration because you are deep in the woods surrounded by 10,000 ft peaks.

Looking for a half-day hike or shorter? The following hiking trails are designated Non-Motorized and are about 30-60 minutes from Featherville, Idaho.

  • Trinity Lakes Hiking Trails and Rainbow Basin 
  • Canyon Campground Trail System 
  • Soldier Creek Trailhead (Salt Creek hiking trail)
  • Jumbo Creek part of Big Water Trailhead 
  • Ross Fork Trail Basin

Some of the hiking paths above may connect and or share trails with jeeps or vehicles less than 50".  Check the trail map.

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hiking trails near Pine Idaho

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